The Imaginative World of Twilight FanFiction

.. for the Twilight fan who just. can’t. get. enough, consider delving into fanfiction!  Ok, I know what you’re thinking, but really, there are some amazing authors dedicating their time to fulfilling our CullenLust.

Read missing moments, extentions of scenes and books, scenes and stories from different points of view, the Cullens as humans, etc.. the list of possibilities continues.

Hey, even our beloved author, Stephenie Meyer, claims to taking a shot at writing a Twilight fanfic! If you haven’t read it, I definitely suggest you click on the link and enjoy!

I’ll be suggesting fics every so often, explaining common fanfics terms, etc, so be on the look out and come back soon!

~ Freiden


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  1. You’ve already done this, right?!?!

    … You’ve finished the books and you’re now enduring a twitch in your left eye and fingers that keep trying to turn pages while making dinner. Your mind keeps coming back to one thought, “IT CAN’T BE OVER!”

    So, where does that leave you.

    Reread? … Sure!
    Tell every person you meet that they just MUST read the series? … Absolutely!
    Start hunting the net for new hot pics of Robward? … Duh!
    Start a blog proclaiming your devotion? … Why the hell not?!

    All that’s done. Where does that leave you? Well, my friend, have you gone to and read Midnight Sun, along with the “outtakes” and extras listed under Twilight and New Moon?

    If you haven’t yet, umm, what are you waiting for? Go! I’ll still be here when you get back.

    ….. waits for the readers to get back …..

  2. OK, my dears, let us begin.

    First here are some fabulous cyber spots to indulge this need for more:

    While reading, you will come across a lot of acronyms that help to explain the perspective and liberties an author took with their fic. Here are some popular ones:

    AU – alternative universe
    AH – all human
    Canon – follows the “truths” of the original book/series
    OOC – out of character
    POV – point of view
    Lemon(s) – sexual situations or innuendo
    Slash – homosexual character pairings

    Twilight specific acronyms:
    ExB – Edward and Bella pairing
    (E = Edward, B = Bella, R = Rosalie, Em = Emmett, Es = Esme, C = Carlisle, A = Alice… etc.)

    Next up, the best way to start reading fanfiction. Stay tuned!

  3. From “The End”, in Breaking Dawn, to FanFic missing moments.

    I recognize the fact that once you turn the last page of Breaking Dawn, you are left with the need to fill in the blank.

    You love the characters as is, mostly, and you don’t want anything in this perfectly constructed Twilight universe to wane.

    So. That leave us with a hunt for fics in canon!

    It’s a good way to start reading fanfiction. It eases you into reading Twilight from different authors and writing styles.

    Start with these missing moments, and let them tantilize your senses.
    Edward and The Bed
    Isle Esme

    Let me know when you want more in canon. I have more. Lots more… ::wink::

  4. Can you imagine the Cullens in an all human realm?!

    It’s a leap for some.. but, can I just say, trust me? Take the characters you know and love and now watch’m do some crazy things.

    Secure your emotions, you’re in for a ride!
    Stitches and Scars – complete.
    Tropic of Virgo – ditto. not yet complete.
    Scotch, Gin, and The New Girl – complete.

  5. Let’s go back to canon.. shall we?

    One of the reasons Twilight fanfiction is so popular is because Stephenie Meyer, while telling a good story, leaves out so much that we still crave.

    The simple explanations and scenes that we read leave our imaginations to roam and fill in the blanks as we see fit.

    One such occurance is the mention that Carlisle turned Rosalie “for” Edward… a simple explanation is given that it just never worked out but just let your imagination drift in and out of what could have been. Or.. what may have been, secretly. You’ve got yourself a fic.

    This history can be as simple or complex as you wish and if you’re like me and really want to see this developed and woven into a canon frame, I have the perfect fic for you.

    It’s called Breaking Points and it’s simply one of the best fics I’ve read.

    The way the author builds a relationship and seemingly tears it apart is just stunning. The words read beautifully and poetically.

    You have to be open to a more emotionally and physically complex Twilight than Stephenie Meyer creates and you have to be able to jump onto the Edward and Rosalie ship until Bella enters the picture. If you can do this, you’re in for an AMAZING treat.

    I HIGHLY suggest, Breaking Points, by sugarbucket.

  6. Covering my bases.

    Wide Awake.

    Really, need I say more for probably the best known and read AH Fanfic in all Twilight Fandom?

    Read it.

    You should be like the rest of us and be awaiting chapter 50, but if you haven’t started it yet, just do it.


  7. Spice up your sex life. Read Fanfiction.

    I haven’t heard of one person that hasn’t “benefitted” in some way. Yeah, some of it is just that good. So, be prepared and just enjoy…

    The Office
    The submissive, and the followup, The Dominant.

    *fyi: the links above are to very adult oriented material and contain sexual situations.

  8. i want midnight sun to be here already , i read it and want the rest…..

  9. Contests!

    I love FanFiction Contests. If it’s a subject that interests you, you’ll be in for a real treat.

    Right now, I’m following the “Age of Edward” Contest. I LOVE historical fiction and when throwing Twilight into the mix. Well, that just equals totally promising goodness in my book!

    If you want some good ones, check these out:
    The Wallflower and The Flyboy – Bella meets WWII Navy Pilot Edward at a USO Dance and the rest is history. (very fluffy)

    Casa de Angeles – Edward meets a beautiful mysterious woman that has a really big secret. (very Twilight Zone-ish)

    Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy – Washington, 1941. Edward and Bella have their entire lives ahead of them. What happens when Edward make a decision that will impact their lives in more than one way. (get some tissues!)

    Lavender – A microdot of lavender and the push-pull of song at the Woodstock Music Festival create a beautiful couple making a love that you can’t be sure is real… (a trippy read)

    Taking Liberties – Alone, running a subsistence farm in New Hampshire, Bella is visited by a wounded Revolutionay War soldier. (reads like a full length fic, totally engulfing of your senses)

    For the full list of stories, visit here, and be sure to set the filter to “m” so that the stories show up.
    The Age of Edward Contest

  10. Time to VOTE!!

    What are you favorite fics? Do you think they deserve some recognition and perhaps even an award or two to flaunt in the fandom?
    It’s TwiAward season and so, pick your favorites, and go nominate!

    FYI, be sure to read the rules so as to not disqualify your nominations!

    The Eddie Awards and Bellie Awards

    The Indie TwiFic Awards

    Winners of the Indie Twific Awards.

    Best Alternate Universe Complete:
    Cowboys & Indians by Minisinoo

    Best Alternate Universe Human Complete:
    Behind Enemy Lines by SilverSeaGull by SilverSeaGull aka Namariel

    Best Alternate Universe Human WIP:
    The Blessing and The Curse by The Black Arrow

    Best Alternate Universe WIP:
    Carpe Noctem & Fiat Lux by queenofgrey

    Best Canon Complete:
    Die to Self by JenWordSong

    Best Canon WIP:
    Restoration by siouxchef

    Best Characterizations (non Edward/Bella) Complete:
    Save You by socact

    Best Characterizations (non Edward/Bella) WIP:
    Bare by stella luna sky

    Best Collaboration:
    Socks for Sex by goldentemptress & nostalgicmiss

    Best Crackfic Complete:
    Emmett and Alice Go to Church by Nowhere and Quizno’s

    Best Crackfic WIP:
    The Good Looking Looney Toons Stalker Guy by jajo

    Best Indie story by Established Author we Know and Love:
    Sin and Incivility by Pastiche Pen

    Best non ExB Story Line Complete:
    The Elite by Fate.of.Gabriel

    Best non ExB Story Line WIP:
    In Pursuit of Normalcy by KariAnn

    Best Original Character Complete:
    The Elite by Fate.of.Gabriel

    Best Original Character WIP:
    Oh, Inverted World by DeviKalika

    Best Other:
    Royally Screwed by faerie kitten

    Best Secondary Story Line Complete:
    The Elite by Fate.of.Gabriel

    Best Secondary Story Line WIP:
    Boy in the Red Sweater by Starrynytex

    Best Undiscovered Erotica Complete:
    Mirrors by irebporti

    Best Undiscovered Erotica WIP:
    The Acclimation Diaries by booboo.kitty2.0

    Best Use of Comedy Complete:
    Behind Enemy Lines by SilverSeaGull by SilverSeaGull aka Namariel

    Best Use of Comedy WIP:
    Oh, Inverted World by DeviKalika

    Best Use of Music as Inspiration Complete:
    Music Lessons by locqua

    Best Use of Music as Inspiration WIP:
    Off Limits by lexiecullen17

    Most Original Story Line Complete:
    Behind Enemy Lines by SilverSeaGull by SilverSeaGull aka Namariel

    Most Original Story Line WIP:
    The Blessing and the Curse by The Black Arrow

    Most Romantic Moment Complete:
    Same Time Next Year by socact

    Most Romantic Moment WIP:
    Bare by stella luna sky

    • i recommend reading Wide Awake. Its a fantastic story. But the one fanfic that i love more than that has to be Kidnapped by Madcowre. Kidnapped was the very first FF that i had read and i got addicted to it. it is extremely suspensful and heartbreaking. There is a fantastic trailer on youtube for it too. you must check them out!

  11. If anyone has not read WIDE AWAKE you MUST. It is sooo good! I highly recommend it!

  12. Following the Authors-

    You can now follow the authors of your favorite fan fic stories. Just remember to be courteous and not stalkerish !
    You can find out about updates, what they are writing, etc.

    Here are just a few that I have found recently.

    AngstGoddess – Wide Awake

    feathers_mmm -Edward Wallbanger

    OCD_indeed – The Fallout

    tby789- The Office

    Bethaboo555- Turning Dust into Gold

    michellephants- The Vampire in the Basement

    GinnyW31- Coming to Terms

    Oxymoronic8- Innocent, Vigilant, Ordinary

    Blue_Bathrobe- Tropic of Virgo

    Brittenev – When Fiction Becomes Reality

    Moonwitche – Echos of an Enigma

    EZrocksangel – Creature of Habit

    tarasueme – The Sub/The Dom

    jandco – Scotch, Gin, and the New Girl

    magan bagan – Nature Boy

    If you know of anymore or you know of these wonderful authors fb pages, please let me know so that I can add them !

  13. Winners for the Silent Tear Awards.

    Best Human
    Boy in the Red Sweater – Starrynytex [37%] (M)

    Best Author
    Bronzehairedgirl620 [46%]

    Best Angst
    Poughkeepsie – Mrs. TheKing [29%] (M)

    Best Supernatural
    Guarding Edward – katmom [33%] (T)

    Best EdwardxBella
    Only Human – Amethyst Jackson [22%] (M)

    Best OneShot
    The Artist – Bronzehairedgirl620 [40%] (T)

    Best Imprint
    A Matter of Time – duskwatcher2153 [35%] (M)

    Best BellaxJacob
    Breathe Again – Ysar [45%] (T)

    Best Romance
    Cigarette Burns – Daddy’s Little Cannibal [49%] (M)

    Best Humour
    Cullen Family Camping Trip – LeesaM [42%] (M)

    Wishing for the sequel
    The Red Line – Winndsinger [35%] (M)

    Ending you are just can’t wait for
    Kidnapped – madcowre [37%] (M)

  14. The Mystic Awards

    There are some amazing fics nominated. Voting ends Oct 9. Got you votes in for you fav fics !

  15. Nominate your favorite fics for the Golden Chocolate award.

  16. Hi sorry for writting thru this but I am going crazy to get a copy of the office by tby789 if you have one that you could email me please !!! I will really appreciate it !!!

  17. Hello blogger, commenters and anyone else !!! The website was really awesome! Lots of good information and inspiration, both of which most of us need!b Keep ’em coming… all of you do such a fantastic job at such Creative concepts… are unable to let you know how much I, for just one appreciate all you do.

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