New Moon Gear at Nordstroms

NM gear at Nordstroms

Nordstroms launches’New Moon’ collection and offers chance to win tickets to the premiere.

Nordstrom has finally launched its The Twilight Saga: New Moon collection of goodies today, and it is also offering a chance for sweepstakes entrants to win an expense-paid trip to the New Moon premiere in Los Angeles, amongst other things.

The collection is an array (as you can see in the slideshow below which includes but a portion of the available products) of clothes, jewelry, make-up, and more that all focus on The Twilight Saga: New Moon. There’s also something for both Team Jacob and Team Edward fans alike.

The premiere sweepstakes is a contest for applicants to win a trip to the November 16th premiere in Los Angeles. It includes airfare, tickets, hotel, styling by the beauty parlor at Nordstrom, car service to and from the hotel and the premiere (author note: wowza), and a chance to see the red carpet.

The skinny on the fine print is that, in most states, people above the age of 13 can enter as long as they’re a resident of the United States. Also, the contest runs until November 2nd, and only one entrant will win. Find out more about that here.

Nordstrom is also giving away advanced movie screening opportunities to some applicants. According to a recent press release, here are the details for that portion of Nordstrom’s promotion.

To see some of the items that they will carry please visit the link at the top !


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