OK Magazine interviews RPattz!

Probably trying to be scary when you’re supposed to be looking pretty at the same time.

Does it worry you that you may always be cast as a heart-throb?
I’m so surprised things have worked out the way they have, I just keep thinking the whole time, I don’t really have the right personality to fit in to that kind of role.

If you could live forever, like Edward Cullen, what would you do?
Probably learn to speak French. Or I might spend three weeks straight with no sleep learning the piano. You’d get really good at stuff because you would have time to do everything.

You have said that Edward is a little obsessive – are you surprised that girls think of Edward as the most perfect boyfriend ever?
It’s weird, but girls always seem like that. Being a guy, you always just look at girls and think, why are you with that guy? With virtually anyone the nice guys always seem to come last.

You can read the rest of the interview here!


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