An article we agree with: “13 Reasons why smart girls love Robert Pattinson”

by Connie Ann Kirk of of Detroit.

… Before we begin, it is important to note one thing about smart girls and Robert Pattinson. They know the difference between Robert Pattinson, the actor, and Edward Cullen, his character in Twilight.

Ok, with that caveat out of the way, let’s begin:

1.) The first reason why is obvious. Smart girls aren’t dumb when it comes to embracing tall, good looks; they just want to be sure there is something more behind what they see. In Pattinson’s case, there is.

2.) Smart girls love talent. If a man can make them forget their troubles for awhile, or even better, enlighten them or carry them to a new place through a story or a song (both of which Mr. Pattinson can do), then he has their attention, admiration, and in some cases, a growing devotion. More than one talent? Double points. Robert Pattinson has double points. He is an actor, but he is also a talented musician and singer/songwriter.

3.) Humility scores big. It doesn’t take an above-average intelligence to feel all warm and fuzzy when someone who is clearly more talented or better looking than the average person does not seem to know it (or show it, if he does)–and above all, does not take it for granted that you think he is above average in anything. Bravado doesn’t cut it with the typical smart girl. She gets bored with it quicker than it takes the guy who is full of it to even realize he needs to get over himself. Pattinson is also not particularly sporty and gets teased by his co-stars when he gets hurt easily doing stunts. Many smart girls (at least, those who are not also student athletes) can relate to that.

4.) Robert Pattinson reads. Newsflash! Well, it’s true. Smart girls read, and smart guys do, too. Readers share a special bond that is stronger than a lot of other things guys could do to try to attract girls. If some guys only knew. A lot of guys–a lot–do not read much. (A lot of girls don’t either, for that matter, but we’re talking especially right now about those who do). In interviews, Pattinson has talked about books he’s read and has observed that several of the films he’s appeared in so far happen to come from books.

5.) He has a great sense of humor. Pattinson makes people laugh. Watch a YouTube interview of Robert Pattinson–almost any one of them. The guy has a sense of humor that just won’t quit, and best of all, it’s self-deprecating. He’s the kind of guy smart girls want to take home to their parents because they have absolutely no doubt in their minds that they will like him. Charm and a sense of humor go hand-in-hand.

6.) He knows how to be a gentleman and when. Somehow, to Americans, it goes with the charming British accent thing, but, more importantly, it shows a good upbringing. Robert Pattinson appears to have good instincts for when to be silly and when to be respectful. The maturity to know the difference is unusual for someone his age, and smart girls, who also tend to be rather mature for their ages, appreciate that. The British accent thing? Well, let’s just say that smart girls know that one British accent does not a gentleman make, but perhaps the nerdiest among them may also take a special pleasure in the fact that Robert speaks perfect Queen’s English and not in a more folksy, Cockney dialect (Americans are not generally aware of the social class bias that can sometimes get tied up with this distinction in England).

7.) He listens, and he’s articulate. Watch him in a YouTube interview again. Do you see him listening to the questions carefully? Do you see him thinking about an answer rather than always blurting out the first thing that comes to mind? Do you see him try to give a fresh answer to the same question he’s been asked 1.2 million times already? Smart girls see these traits and appreciate the actor’s efforts to communicate thoughtfully, sincerely, and well. In the listening department as well, it doesn’t hurt that he knows music so well that he can recommend an eclectic list of good musicians and songwriters that smart girls might not have yet heard of and would like to know more about.

8.) He thinks. Wow–another newsflash (he walks; he talks–LOL!). This reason, though, is also evident in his interviews. Robert appears to want to give a thoughtful response to questions asked of him most of the time. His answers themselves sound like they are from a person who thinks about subjects beyond sports scores or fast food. It makes one want to read something that Robert may have written. It is said that he has kept journals and written screenplays. It shows. Catherine Hardwicke, Twilight director, says he has, or is, an “old soul.” Smart girls get what that means.

9.) He’s a kind and generous public person and friend. Anyone who allows fangirls to take pictures with him endlessly when he is out on his own time and not at a public function cannot be called anything but kind and generous. Pattinson’s friendships–old and new–seem to indicate that he is a loyal and trusted friend. He is already using his newfound fame to help open up opportunities for his British friends’ careers (musicians who co-wrote songs with him that ended up on the Twilight soundtrack, for example).

10.) He’s not perfect. Pattinson’s got a bit of an edge that keeps him from being totally perfect. He smokes (which might be one reason not to bring him home). He embraces the British habit of going out to pubs almost nightly, and he doesn’t seem to care who sees him there. He’s himself, which smart girls love. He’s not trying to be someone he’s not to fit into someone else’s image of who he should be. It’s called being genuine, flaws and all. There’s something a little dangerous, a little unpredictable about him, too. Catherine Hardwicke, director of Twilight saw it, and it was one reason why she cast him as Edward Cullen.

11.) He’s not afraid to show his vulnerability. Pattinson is said to be quite shy. Certainly, his soft spokenness and nervous ticks in interviews (combing his fingers through his hair, among them) seems to validate this. How ‘manly’ is it, then, when someone that shy is also that comfortable with himself that he can admit he has areas in his life that are in conflict with one another, like everyone else? Mr. Pattinson’s sensitivity will serve him well as an artist. His good-natured goofiness will serve him well in making friends. The combination of the two will likely appeal to people in power in the entertainment industry.

12.) He’s creative, has ideas and ambition. Pattinson will continue to surprise audiences for at least the next few years with the film roles he decides to take on outside of the Twilight saga. Right now, much of his career is dependent on those choices, and he seems like the kind of actor who will be thoughtful in making those choices, if he chooses to stay with acting at all. Those who have worked with him say he is a hard worker.

13.) The whole Hollywood thing does not overly impress him. You get the feeling Robert Pattinson could leave all of this newfound fame and glitz behind him tonight if he found a different means of expression or a line of work that interested him more. Not being tied to chasing fame and fortune is an admirable quality that smart girls–and people of all kinds–find unusual and admirable.

True or not to how he is in real life, this is Robert Pattinson’s public persona as it stands right now. Of course, it could change in an instant, and in this Internet age, the change would ripple around the world in a matter of minutes, and the tide could turn against him. When people talk about the pressure of fame, it might have something to do with maintaining a likable persona, even when you’re tired of it–unless the persona is not a persona at all–it’s the way you really are.

Smart girls know that, too, which is why they temper their love for this actor/musician with a curiosity about their own worlds and a zest for their own lives. They know it’s fun to get a little short of breath, or a little weak in the knees when a new picture of Robert Pattinson shows up in front of their eyes yet again, but their feet still remain firmly planted on the ground.

Smart girls (and some of their blushing moms, as well as interested women of all ages) are keeping their eyes on their favorite actor, Robert Pattinson these days–not only for the enjoyment from what they see, but also to watch with interest for what the talented actor/musician chooses to do next.

What’s that? Not feeling particularly smart, but still love Robert Pattinson? Join the club! What’s that? You’re a smart girl, you say, and you don’t love Robert Pattinson? Well, you’re entitled to your educated opinion, of course, but I know a few other smart girls who might ask you for 13 reasons why.

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