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Here’s how it works… Answer all 20 questions plus the bonus question. Email your answers to no later than Tuesday May 5th at Midnight Pacific Time.  The first person to answer ALL 20 questions AND the bonus question correctly will win this awesome bracelet (donated to us by Last Day of Forever Designs by TwilighterVA on Etsy):


Gorgeous isn’t it!? Thanks so much to Stephanie!!

The 2nd person to answer all 20 questions correctly will also win a small prize. We might even throw in a 3rd random drawn winner;)! The winners will be announced on Monday May 4th! DO NOT post your answers in the comments section or you will be disqualified! Thanks:)

Good luck!!!

TwiMama’s Quiz

1. How much money did Bella pay for the book at the bookstore and what bills did she use to pay?

$12, A 10 and 2 ones.

2. Who grew up in the North-West?

Billy Burke

3. Who is enthusiastic about plants?


4. What is sitting on the Cullen’s window sill?

A doll and some vases.

5. What does Robert Pattinson say he ‘ripped’?

His ‘groin’.

6. Whos is Hannah?

The construction coordinator’s daughter. Scene -Prom (commentary)

7. What is 92U 8C5?

Rosalie’s license plate number.

8. What brand of camera does Angela use?


9. Who is Kirk?

The guy on the swim team who Jessica & Angela think stuffs his speedos.

10. What song does Waylon sing?

The Cats Meow by Adam Smalley and Scott Johnson.

11. What store does Bella buy the Quileute Legends book from?

Thunderbird & Whale Book Store.

12. What is different about Rosalie’s car in the movie and in the book?

Movie- Mercedes. Book- BMW M3

13. What is ‘Vitamin R’?

Rainier Beer

14. What is the license plate number & state on the car Edward cuts off in Port Angeles?

501 CUB AND Oregon plates.

15. Where does Bella keep the cactus she brought with her to Forks?

On the nightstand/table by her bed.

16. What was Kristen dreading wearing?

The shorts for the volleyball scene.

17. What mountain do you see when the shots are panning around Phoenix?

Camelback Mtns.

18. What is the first scene that they filmed?

The Ballet Studio scene.

19. Who says “That is disgusting!” and who’s ‘favorite line’ is it?

Bella/Kristen says it and it’s Rob’s favorite line.

20. What shoe does Bella wear to prom?

A Converse Jack Purcell shoe.


* Who is the ‘Gang Boss’?

Chandler Vinar (and apparently there were others that *I* didn’t see in the credits.. so everyone got this right!)

****One email per person please! Any duplicates will be disqualified. Entries received after midnight (Pacific Time) on Sunday May 3, 2009 will be disqualified.


Robert Pattinson is one of People’s 100 Most Beautiful


Well I know us TwiMamas aren’t at all surprised by this news.  He’s definitely the MOST BEAUTIFUL person to us 🙂


The Twilight star, 22, says he doesn’t quite understand his heartthrob status – or the fuss about his signature tousled do. “I don’t get it. It’s funny, you look the same for years and no one ever mentions it. Then suddenly it’s a big deal.”

You can see some of the others on the list on

Thanks to Robert Pattinson Online for the cover and Robsessed for the story.

Contest is coming!!!

Tomorrow night the contest will be posted! It will be some sort of quiz about the movie. I’ll post a picture of the awesome prize tomorrow as well! Make sure to check back tomorrow evening!!

..hint… You might want to watch the DVD with the commentary on;)!

Top Ten Twilight Visual Movie Mistakes

How many times did you watch the movie Twilight?  I mean REALLY watch it.  Enough to notice these “goof-ups”?  Here’s an example.

Click HERE for more!


Rob arriving in Vancouver!

RP was back in LA for the weekend, taking a break from the New Moon set. He was spotted at the airport in Vancouver on Sunday. Looks like he was on the same flight as Brooke Shields. Don’t we all wish we’d been on that flight?


Taylor & Selena in Vancouver!


Taylor Lautner and Selena Gomez were spotted hanging out in Vancouver. Selena is there filming a movie as well. According to Taylor (from his ET interview) he’s single… so they’re JUST FRIENDS! They’d be a cute couple though!

New pictures of RP!

Supposedly these were taken at some pub last night in Vancouver!

Robert-Pattinson-Vancouver-2.jpg  Robert-Pattinson-Vancouver.jpg